Rainbow Trail

A swarm of colorful comets are falling everywhere, crashing onto our beloved planet!

Feed the comets with sun energies and shoot them away towards the outer space!

Just remember to feed them with only what they like more!

Rainbow Trail is a truly innovative puzzle game that upsets the foundation of the old bubble-shoot genre by creating a gameplay that has never been so smooth, dynamic and explosive at the same time.

You will be engaged in calculating the trajectories of your comets, trying to make them collide with as much energies as possible to create devastating combos, which are essential to complete each of the 48 game levels.

To enrich the gaming experience there are many bonus items such as super bombs, laser beams, comets duplicators, screen-freezing ice sheets and many more... but you should pay attention to the trajectories of your comets!

Some items may have very unpleasant effects when hit!



  • Universal App: runs in HD on Tablets, Retina Display and high-res Android devices!

  • A truly innovative bubble shooter game with physics-based gameplay

  • Cartoon-style graphics with beautiful and colorful effects

  • 48 unique levels and 6 different worlds!

  • Many power-ups and special items

  • GameCenter and Google Play Games support with 22 achievements

Device Requirements

Rainbow Trail works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad:

  • Requires iOS 5.0 or later

  • Size is about 30 MB

Rainbow Trail works with Android devices, both smartphones and tablets:

  • Requires Android OS 2.2 or later

  • Size is about 15 MB

Pricing and Availability

Rainbow Trail is available on the following stores:

  • Apple AppStore for the iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

  • Google Play for the Android devices (Nvidia Tablets, Samsung Galaxy S series, LG G series, Sony Xperia etc)

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