Hyperlight v1.1 for iOS

Post date: May 7, 2011 11:48:45 AM

The first update of Hyperlight has been submitted to Apple and it is right now in the approval process!

It should be a matter of days before it will be available on the App Store.

This is an highly anticipated update that takes into account all of the users and professional reviewers impressions, suggestions, critics etc we have received in the last weeks. We would like to thank you all for helping us making Hyperlight an even better game!

Hyperlight is by nature a pretty hardcore game based on the tilting of the device, our goal with this update was to simply make it more enjoyable for everyone, both for casual players to hardcore ones.

What's New in Hyperlight v1.1:

- Difficulty curve slightly refined.

- Added an highly anticipated power-up: the Shield!

- Added an additional offensive weapon: the Machinegun!

- General User-Interface improvements also with higher-res graphics.

- More user settings available.

- Now you can auto-connect to Game Center on startup.

- Now you can play your own music in background.

- Updated Unity Engine to the latest v3.3.

Stay tuned, the update is coming!