Jewel Cut

Looking for a cutting game really unique, innovative and with a depth never seen before?

Well, you've just found it!

Jewel Cut finally introduces a strategic and reflexive component to the classical ‘no brain’ gameplay where you must cut anything on the screen, capable of putting a strain on both your reflexes and your quick thinking ability.

Wrapped in new age atmospheres, prepare yourself to live a relaxing and frantic experience at the same time,

familiar and intuitive but also very technical.

In Jewel Cut you will not have to limit yourself to simply cut the jewels that appear on the screen, but it is important to understand HOW to cut them in the shortest time possible. There are over a hundred of different combinations of jewelry and each requires its own way to be cut correctly!

Earn as much money you can by cutting the jewels, compete against other players and become the richest person in the world!

A top quality audio-visual realization with beautiful CG backgrounds, atmospheric music and very realistic sound effects provide a timeless experience from which it will be very difficult to leave!


  • Universal App: runs in HD on Tablets, Retina Display and high-res Android devices!

  • Innovative, strategic and reflexive jewels cutting mechanics

  • Intuitive gaming experience, deep, relaxing and frantic at the same time

  • 100+ different jewels combinations to slice and spectacular power-ups to use!

  • Original Slow-Motion mode to get out from the most dangerous situations

  • Quality musics and graphics, with CG backgrounds and special effects!

  • Compete with players all around the world thanks to GameCenter and Google Play Games global leaderboards

Device Requirements

Jewel Cut works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad:

  • Requires iOS 5.0 or later

  • Size is about 29 MB

Jewel Cut works with Android devices, both smartphones and tablets:

  • Requires Android OS 2.2 or later

  • Size is about 15 MB

Pricing and Availability

Jewel Cut is available on the following stores:

  • Apple AppStore for the iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

  • Google Play for the Android devices (Nvidia Tablets, Samsung Galaxy S series, LG G series, Sony Xperia etc)

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