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Hyperlight v1.2 for iOS and Android

pubblicato 27 mag 2011, 02:19 da CatfishBlues Games   [ aggiornato in data 27 mag 2011, 08:51 ]
The new version of Hyperlight is coming! 
It will be released this weekend for the Android devices and next week for the iOS devices. 

It includes: 

-An additional control system based on tilting and touching! 
-An additional almost-vertical new tilt calibration setting, for up to 6 game control configurations! 
-Some improvements to the User-Interface, 'How to Play' section and the overall user experience. 
-Better Game Center (iOS) and Open Feint (Android) integration. 
-On Android, the game should now supports additional devices with different display. 

Stay tuned! ;)